Iqaluit Canada

Iqaluit is a city in Nunavut, Canada

Iqaluit /iˈkæluːɪt/ ee-KAL-oo-it (Inuktitut: ᐃᖃᓗᐃᑦ; [iqaːluit]; French: [ikalɥi(t)]), meaning "place of fish", is the capital of the Canadian territory of Nunavut; its largest community, and its only city. It was known as Frobisher Bay until 1987, after the large bay on the coast of which the city is situated. In 1999, Iqaluit became the capital of Nunavut after the division of the Northwest Territories into two separate territories. Before this event, Iqaluit was a small city and not well-known outside the Canadian Arctic or Canada, with population and economic growth highly limited. This is due to the city's isolation and heavy dependence on expensively imported supplies as the city, like the rest of Nunavut, has no road, rail, or even ship connections for part of the year to the rest of Canada. The city also has a polar climate, influenced by the cold deep waters of the Labrador Current just off Baffin Island; this makes the city of Iqaluit cold, even though the city is well south of the Arctic Circle.

Top sights in Iqaluit
Inukpak Outfitting 63.728578 / -68.442413
Unikkaarvik Visitor Centre 63.743783 / -68.514497
Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum 63.743496 / -68.513504
Legislative Assembly Of Nunavut 63.750239 / -68.523239
Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park 63.748876 / -68.500585
Carvings Nunavut 63.748835 / -68.521769
St. Jude'S Cathedral 63.747643 / -68.516254
Storehouse Bar & Grill 63.748143 / -68.510781
Apex Beach 63.741191 / -68.480987
Northern Collectables 63.753925 / -68.528984
Saimavik Studio 63.753925 / -68.528984
Qaummaarviit Territorial Park 63.725408 / -68.693022
Tasiluliariaq Rotary Park 63.725408 / -68.693022
Rannva 63.748539 / -68.517673
Tour Iqaluit - Day Tours 63.749588 / -68.521686
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