Mont Laurier Canada

Mont Laurier is a city in Quebec, Canada

Mont-Laurier (French pronunciation: ​[mɔ̃ loʁje]) is a town and incorporated municipality in northwest Quebec, Canada, located on the banks of the Rivière du Lièvre, a tributary of the Ottawa River. Known as the “Capital of the Haute-Laurentides”, the motto of the town is Laurus elationis praemium, which translates to “Lift the laurels of reward”. The demonym for its inhabitants is Lauriermontois.

Top sights in Mont Laurier
Aventure Reve Blanc 46.511801 / -75.448631
Cinema Laurier 46.555309 / -75.494656
Mini Golf, La Perle Noire 46.549699 / -75.512842
Club De Golf Vallee De La Lievre 46.568352 / -75.408742
La Rose Des Vents 48.087997 / -69.176574
Espace Theatre Muni-Spec 46.552736 / -75.501281
Pub William 45.486904 / -73.567030
La Zone Du Nord 52.939916 / -73.549136
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